Saturday, January 28, 2012

I don't even know what to call this pink look...

This week I decided to try a glitter gradient on my nails.
(it glitters more in person)

I started with a white base coat and applied pink glitter starting halfway down my nail.
I continued with the glitter going closer to the end of my nail adding 3 or 4 coats until I was satisfied with the results.

I wanted a matching makeup look, but I had to go a little more extreme. 


I started with frosty pink on the inside half of my eyelid.

I added a brighter shade of pink to the outside corner of my eyelid.

I then drew a triangle with a purplish frosted pink color out past the end of my eyebrow.

You can stop here and have a pretty awesome slightly edgy look by adding some mascara and maybe a small cat eye with some liquid liner, but that's clearly not enough for me. ^_^

I framed around my shadow with black liner adding a dramatic point.
I also lined around my eye and drew a heart on my cheek with a regular black pencil, I filled that in with pink shadow.

My hubby wanted me to bring the black across the bridge of my nose ala The Hamburglar, and I started to, but I like this more.

(Kind of like an eye I guess?)

I tried to do a bit of an ombre lip with frosted pink in the middle fading to a darker purplish on the outer corners.

I also added a dab of loose white glitter powder to the center of each lip.

Voila! The perfect look for Dinner at my Mother-In-Law's!

I will return later to add my Kiddie tidbit. Off to smoke some Hookah with the In-Laws!

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