Saturday, January 28, 2012

I don't even know what to call this pink look...

This week I decided to try a glitter gradient on my nails.
(it glitters more in person)

I started with a white base coat and applied pink glitter starting halfway down my nail.
I continued with the glitter going closer to the end of my nail adding 3 or 4 coats until I was satisfied with the results.

I wanted a matching makeup look, but I had to go a little more extreme. 


I started with frosty pink on the inside half of my eyelid.

I added a brighter shade of pink to the outside corner of my eyelid.

I then drew a triangle with a purplish frosted pink color out past the end of my eyebrow.

You can stop here and have a pretty awesome slightly edgy look by adding some mascara and maybe a small cat eye with some liquid liner, but that's clearly not enough for me. ^_^

I framed around my shadow with black liner adding a dramatic point.
I also lined around my eye and drew a heart on my cheek with a regular black pencil, I filled that in with pink shadow.

My hubby wanted me to bring the black across the bridge of my nose ala The Hamburglar, and I started to, but I like this more.

(Kind of like an eye I guess?)

I tried to do a bit of an ombre lip with frosted pink in the middle fading to a darker purplish on the outer corners.

I also added a dab of loose white glitter powder to the center of each lip.

Voila! The perfect look for Dinner at my Mother-In-Law's!

I will return later to add my Kiddie tidbit. Off to smoke some Hookah with the In-Laws!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cheesetastic Leopard Print

I picked these up at Claire's a few weeks ago and I finally decided to give them a try.
(Cheesetastic right?)

The stickers were easy enough to apply. I ended up with a few wrinkles, but you can't really tell. I did have to put like 3 top coats because the rhinestones wouldn't stop catching on everything! 

I was inspired by my nails to do a matching makeup look. I've seen leopard print eye shadow before and I wanted to do something that would work a little better with my face.

(I absolutely love this!)

I started by applying a medium gold shade of over my entire eyelid.
I then smudged a thick line of darker gold along my lash line.

Using windshield wiper motions I applied my lightest gold shade in my crease.
I used a stiff angled brush to apply a purplish bronze on the outer corner of my eye in a kind of 7 shape. Blending to about the middle of my eye, I also brought the color along my lower lash line about 1/3 of the way. I also applied the lightest gold on the inner part of my lower lash line.

After using liquid eyeliner to draw a small wing, I applied gold and brown eye shadow above my brow bone and on my cheek to create a subtle stripe.

I then used a brown eyebrow pencil to draw imperfect ovals in varying sizes along the side of my face.

Using a regular black eyeliner pencil I outlined parts of each oval with mostly c shapes and some dots.

Add mascara, lipstick, and a bit of gold glitter in each leopard spot and voila!

Just for fun I thought I'd put one of these in every week!
Asher's milestone m(2.5):
Asher tried to spin his little brother in the Johnny Jump Up and mommy said, That's not how it works! You could hurt your brother! Asher got very frustrated and asked "Then How does it Work?" When Mommy said, he's supposed to jump, Asher started jumping to show brother how. (Asher is a very quiet boy who knows a lot of words but refuses to use them much, so this was a great one for Momma)

(I think he's trying to look gangstah.)

Att's Milestone (6months):
Although Att refuses to crawl he decided to scoot on his booty. He got close enough to the coffee table and tried and pull himself up to stand. He may not have succeeded but it sure was cute!

Monday, January 16, 2012

What I did this week.

I FINALLY got around to doing my nails. I decided to go with the Vintage Cloud Mani that has been floating around RedditLaqueristas:

I started with two coats of Elf's Innocent over the whole nail.
I then used Sally Hanson's Insta-Dry in Slick Slate applied in three rounded graduating strokes. (It helps if you have a little extra paint in the brush to keep the rounded look)
Followed by Elf's Nude applied in the exact same way.
The original tutorial ended here and looked fabulous but I just didn't like the look with such a light color on the end so I decided to apply one more coat of the Slick Slate. After waiting for what seemed like HOURS for everything to dry I topped it all off with Elf's Matte Finish Clear Top Coat. (When using the matte finish you have to be really careful to make sure that there's enough paint on the brush because it can catch your colors and cause some streaks.)

Yesterday Someone started a Lady Gaga inspired thread on MakeupAddiction and I decided to try my own spin on the classic Lightening Strike

This was a lot of fun!
I started by applying concealer and foundation on my lips (which I have never done before). 
I also played around with the Highlighter, Blushes, and Bronzer in the Elf Makeup Clutch Palette
I darkened and defined my brows with a pencil in short quick strokes (this I do everyday, it makes a HUGE difference on any face). 

I wet my crease brush and applied black shadow on the outside of my lid in a c shape lining right above my lash line (in the middle) and swooping around to the middle of my crease. 
Using the same wet brush (cleaning it a little on my wrist) I picked up some bright purple and started on the inner corner of my crease blending outwards. 
Wetting my angled brush I applied some gold shadow right in the middle of my lid blending toward the inner corner of my eye. 
I applied a highlighter shade above the pigmented shadows to my browbone. 
Using black liquid eyeliner by Elf I drew a tiny wing on my right eye, applied mascara and called that side done. =]

Here's the fun part. 
I used a black eyeliner pencil to draw a large star around my left eye, 
I filled the star with the same gold shadow as before and applied bright teal to the outer edges. 
Then I lined around my eye with Elf's liquid eyeliner in Copper and around the star as well. 
I then applied several coats of black mascara, I would have used false lashes but I didn't have any.
Using a berry lipliner I drew an almost heart shape on my lips and topped it off with the purple gloss in the Elf clutch pallet. 

It might not be perfect, but it was certainly fun!

Last but not least, I needed a new design in my hair. I decided to let my little brother free-hand a star and some stripes It came out pretty well.
(Apparently neither of us has a talent for stars, :p)

Just for fun here's a picture of Att and me!
(He did not like the flash on my phone!)

Have fun, and try new things!

Mommy to Asher Zane 2.5 and Atticus Levi 6 months.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My inspiration...

In my absence I have discovered a lot of new inspiration.

From new places: 

(Some of which I agree with, some I don't)

From old friends:
Stephanie May and Stormie Dae

From my ever inspiring loves!

James (my husband), Asher, and Atticus (my two boys).

Amy Lane (my Bff), Ben (my Brother), and Me

Jennifer (My sister the full time Missionary), Jonathan, Daniel and Benaiah (her children).

Jessica (My Sisiter-in Law) and Owen (her son)

The return of "Me Time".

Hi, It's been a while! I return with another child and a few New Years Resolutions. After Having my first son I slowed down on a lot of my interests, I haven't done any Scrapbooking since my wedding in Oct 2008 (something to do with really bad wedding pictures.) I've done a few Photoshoots here and there, but no where near as many as I would like, projects of any kind are contemplated but never done. Having baby #2 pretty much brought creativity to a halt. Because of this, my resolutions for 2012 are as follows:

More time to do real things. I always find myself complaining that I don't have enough time to do the things that I love. I have time to watch entire television series with my husband but I can't paint my nails? Wrong. Every link on reddit will be purple but I can't DIY some glitter pumps? Wrong. Yes I know it's ironic that I'm sitting at a computer writing about wasting my time at the computer but this is from whence my inspiration comes. (Well, this and Phineas and Ferb, they're just so inspirey!) Also Keeping up my Blog is #2 on my resolution list, I will try to write once a week, if not more. Sure it will be peppered with breastfeeding breaks, diaper changes, potty training breaks, and bored baby needs attention breaks, but that's how I get things done. Speaking of potty training, there's #3 Truly commit to Potty Training, at 2.5 Asher has been in pull-ups for almost 6 months and we've mostly been "going with the flow" I'm ready to have this guy out of diapers. I need to take the extra time to sit in the bathroom with him at least every 2 hours until he's completely out of pull-ups. Ugh, that one doesn't sound like fun.

So here's to the year ahead! Expect a plethora of fun tutorials from makeup to age appropriate crafts for kids, maybe a few recipes here and there, and more of my typical angry rants!

With Love,
Mommy to Asher, 2.5 and Atticus, 6 months.