Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cheesetastic Leopard Print

I picked these up at Claire's a few weeks ago and I finally decided to give them a try.
(Cheesetastic right?)

The stickers were easy enough to apply. I ended up with a few wrinkles, but you can't really tell. I did have to put like 3 top coats because the rhinestones wouldn't stop catching on everything! 

I was inspired by my nails to do a matching makeup look. I've seen leopard print eye shadow before and I wanted to do something that would work a little better with my face.

(I absolutely love this!)

I started by applying a medium gold shade of over my entire eyelid.
I then smudged a thick line of darker gold along my lash line.

Using windshield wiper motions I applied my lightest gold shade in my crease.
I used a stiff angled brush to apply a purplish bronze on the outer corner of my eye in a kind of 7 shape. Blending to about the middle of my eye, I also brought the color along my lower lash line about 1/3 of the way. I also applied the lightest gold on the inner part of my lower lash line.

After using liquid eyeliner to draw a small wing, I applied gold and brown eye shadow above my brow bone and on my cheek to create a subtle stripe.

I then used a brown eyebrow pencil to draw imperfect ovals in varying sizes along the side of my face.

Using a regular black eyeliner pencil I outlined parts of each oval with mostly c shapes and some dots.

Add mascara, lipstick, and a bit of gold glitter in each leopard spot and voila!

Just for fun I thought I'd put one of these in every week!
Asher's milestone m(2.5):
Asher tried to spin his little brother in the Johnny Jump Up and mommy said, That's not how it works! You could hurt your brother! Asher got very frustrated and asked "Then How does it Work?" When Mommy said, he's supposed to jump, Asher started jumping to show brother how. (Asher is a very quiet boy who knows a lot of words but refuses to use them much, so this was a great one for Momma)

(I think he's trying to look gangstah.)

Att's Milestone (6months):
Although Att refuses to crawl he decided to scoot on his booty. He got close enough to the coffee table and tried and pull himself up to stand. He may not have succeeded but it sure was cute!

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